Monday, August 23, 2010

BEFOREand AFTER picture

This first one is from when I started walking in April. Then, in May, you see a distinct difference in my face.

This one is from JULY and my face gets even smaller!

Too bad my butt is getting bigger from riding the bike!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Disciple 13

I like the name Disciple 13. It sounds like a cool rock band. There is a Christian rock band called Disciple. That has nothing to do with this post. I'm just sayin.


When I turned my life over to Jesus Christ, that included my body. It was amazing how my appetite changed afterward. I no longer wanted to eat all the time. I didn't crave donuts every morning. Coffee became a luxury instead of a sought after morning buzz.

God gave me the gift of running in order to give me that rush I used to get from coffee, food and drugs. (Now if only He would give me the gift of 75 degree weather...)

Running is something I do for the temple of God that is my body.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Six Mile Ride Today!

I always get on and check to see what the heat index is going to be before going out for any type of exercise. I live in Pensacola, which of late, has become less like Lower Alabama and more like the Tropic of Cancer. It's like a steam bath and I don't get along well with heat. I'm a little ornery to begin with, heat just makes me more so.

When I saw that the temp was going to drop to 79 degrees at 2pm today I jumped for joy! Time for a long overdue bike ride! I went three miles up Bayou Boulevard to St. Paul Catholic Church, stopped for a moment and looked at the stained glass windows, remembered my childhood in the Catholic church, memories which I cherish and then got back on the bike and came home.

At first I wasn't sure if I had the strength to make it home. It's mostly an uphill ride all the way back. By the time I was around the corner from my house, I was calling out for "Jesus," "Mommy" or anyone else who could help peel me off the floor.

It's been at least a year since I've done a six mile ride, and I think I went a wee bit over the edge. But, at least I will sleep tonight. My body is exhuasted.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Don't Want No Stinkin HFCS in My Powerade


I picked up a bottle of POWERADE at Winn Dixie yesterday because they were 10 for $10. When I got home, I discovered that the little bugger had High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. I threw it out. It was like throwing a dollar in the toilet. I hate that. Even Lance Armstrong's "FRS" stuff is loaded with crap I don't want in my stomach. I'm trying to get lean and mean...not get addicted to more substances. I swear HFCS is worse than crack. After having a dose of HFCS I feel like a homocidal maniac. I hate that stuff!

So when I went to Gatorade's website, I was pleased to learn that they have eliminated HFCS! Yay!!!

In order to better serve the desire of many athletes, Gatorade will be removing high fructose corn syrup1 from both Gatorade Thirst Quencher and G2® over the next few months. By replacing HFCS with sucrose and dextrose2, we can offer improved taste and premium quality without affecting the performance athletes have come to expect from us for over 40 years.

To learn about how Gatorade Performance Kits can further serve the needs of your athletes, please visit

1. the source of fructose and glucose 2. provides a blend of sucrose, glucose and fructose

GATORADE and LIGHTNING BOLT DESIGN are registered trademarks of S-VC, Inc. © 2010 S-VC, Inc.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Todd Crandell was 20-something and an up and coming hockey player with a promising future when he lost it all to substance abuse. After 13 years of drug and alcohol addiction, Crandell decided to enter recovery the traditional way — detox, support groups, AA meetings, the 12 steps etc. — but he, like many others, felt something was missing.

We are learning that one size does not fit all when it comes to addiction recovery programs. The 12-step programs have and will continue to help millions successfully recover from addictions. However, many recovery programs are now taking a more holistic approach when treating addictions — not just alcohol and drugs — but other addictions like cigarette smoking and binge eating.

The holistically oriented programs supplement the traditional approach of beating an addiction with lifestyle changes including exercise, nutrition, stress management and optimal rest. That’s why as a fitness trainer, I am now talking about addictions, because exercise can play a central role.

Exercising every day has been proven to positively impact an addict in many ways. For example, an active addict can lose structure and meaning to his/her day, but exercise immediately provides this. Exercise fills time and keeps the mind busy. The process of getting fit or actually training for a specific event builds confidence and gives the recovering addict a goal to work toward.

Exercise can also be beneficial in easing symptoms of anxiety and depression, which go hand-in-hand with addiction. An imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain produces the anxiety and depression. Exercise not only impacts endorphins, but also increases levels of serotonin and dopamine, creating more balance. This produces the famous “runners high,” decreases anxiety, and provides an overall feeling of “calm.”

These were the benefits for Crandell, and they helped him overcome his addiction for good and get his life back on track. He is now helping others overcome addiction with the organization he founded called Racing for Recovery.

He says the holistic approach to recovery helped him “not only physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, as well.” 1 In other words, the whole person. You can learn more about the organization at

Research shows that 75% of Americans know someone who has an addiction. 2 If you are struggling with addiction now, I urge you to seek out programs that encourage exercise. It has helped many others like Todd Crandell, and it could be just what you need to finally overcome your addiction.


Myers, C. 2009. Exercise and Addiction. ACE Certified News. 6-7.

National Survey, 2008; Lake Research Partners for Scientists & Engineers for America. Presented in partnership with

[ Ed. Note: Melissa Hawthorne, RN, BSN, CSCS is the owner of Priority Fitness Personal Training and Wellness. She is a Master Trainer for the Resist-a-ball Company, ISCA Personal Training, Kick-boxing, and Beamfit. Melissa serves as a fitness consultant for the LaValle Metabolic Institute. To learn more, click here.]


Last winter I hurt my ankle when I was under the influence. And I mean BAD. I twisted it running down the stairs as I was trying to stop my boyfriend from going out the door. Over the months, it never healed. It always ached after a bike ride so I eventually stopped riding my bike. Even then, it still ached and I could only turn it in certain ways.

But ever since I started running, my ankle feels better. I find that strange. But maybe I'm missing something here! All I can say is that I'm grateful! Thank you, God!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning Song

Morning Song
by Ruth Bell Graham

Many years ago, I had been getting up early, fixing myself a cup of coffee, and then sitting in the rocker on the front porch while I prayed for each of our children and for each of theirs.

One morning I awoke earlier than usual. It was 5 o'clock, with dawn just breaking over the mountains. I collected my cup of coffee and settled into the old rocker. Suddenly, I realized a symphony of bird song was literally surrounding me. The air was liquid with music, as if the whole creation were praising God at the beginning of a new day.

from Decision magazine, January 2009


When I read this on the back cover of an old Decision magazine last night, I thought about how lucky I am. Each morning, my eyes open before the sun rises. It's just natural for me. I get out of bed and lace up my running shoes and go out for a walk or a run. It is during this time that I listen to nature, God's creation, and I am in awe every single day. The novelty of nature never wears off. It's always amazing to me. I usually take this time to myself and I talk to God each morning while I'm running. I don't know if the neighbors think I'm crazy as they see me speed by, yammering to myself. Most of them are probably still in bed. I try to remember how Jesus used to get up early in the morning to pray. It's in that silence, when everyone else is sleeping and creation is beginning to arise that it's easiest to hear God speak to me. I relish every morning and am grateful for each sunrise. I may have many obstacles to overcome, but every morning when I run just a little further than the day before, I remember that "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Running Funnies for August 8th

A Long Week

I have spent the last week hiding from the heat wave. I did five miles this week and am determined to do more next week.

My plan includes biking to my AA meetings in the morning on Tuesday and Thursdays (2 miles there and 2 miles back) and running 3 miles a day along with swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I won't be able to run all three miles at once, I'll break it up into 1.5 miles twice a day. I'm still in the run/walk phase of my training.

I did go from being able to only run 1/5th of a mile at one time, to being able to run 3/5ths of a mile and today I ran 3/4 so I've gone from 20% to 60% to 75% in the two weeks I've been training. I can't wait to be able to run a whole mile without having crack lung. Don't laugh. It's not funny. I've abused my body for so many years that my lungs are screaming, "WHAT THE F%$$% ARE YOU DOING TO US??"

Sorry guys, I'm just trying to be healthy and live longer!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Feeling Not So Hot

Wait a minute. I'm feeling REALLY HOT!!! It's 112 degrees outside. I attempted a run but I just felt heavy. It seems that I ate too much junk over the weekend. Going to limit carb intake for a week to 20% (I am pre-diabetic and insulin resistant so carbs are not my friend...) I stick to broccoli and lettuce!

At least I got to walk 1/2 a mile before swimming for 15 minutes.

If I get my bike fixed later this afternoon I'll go for a ride and a short 1 mile walk. I might try a three mile ride.